"I do believe that you, sir, may have underestimated my resolve in this matter."


Tall and lanky, Boskan is a commanding presence in any room. His golden hair is short, especially for an elf, and typically appears unkempt. His dress and manner, however, are thoroughly controlled. Each action, word and mannerism comes across as meticulously contemplated. His slow, steady speech and it’s air of aristocracy convey a sense of intense self-worth, bordering on snobbery.

Boskan’s robes are full, well-made and colored in a bright red. His hands are almost always active, whether twirling a coin from one finger to the next or smoking the ornate gem-encrusted pipe that he carries.

Boskan wields a crystal orb that radiates hues varying from yellow to red to orange. He never actually holds the orb, creating instead an arcane connection between him and the object that allows it to float just inches from his palm. When entering combat, the orb is released from his cloak almost without a thought.


Boskan’s background is shielded in obscurity. What is known is that he has traveled to the Sword Coast only in recent days. He introduces himself as “Boskan, late of Sembia,” so it’s apparent that he either considers Sembia home or hails from that faraway land.


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