Niet Spotty Booba


The legendary rags to riches folk hero that triumphed over Lord Adler Cossack over 30 years ago.
Even now at the age of 58, his sword strikes true and his hammer falls hard.


As a youth, he grew up in the back alleys of Baulder’s Gate. An orphan, he had to fight to stay alive.
At the age of 27 his life changed when he met the “Brown Wizard” and embarked on a mission to rid the world of the dark baron Adler Cossack, who sought to see the fabled fiend wyrm Severnius resurrected.
Niet Booba was successful in this endeavor, earning him great respect among those who knew of his deeds. He now lives in Neverwinter, and has founded the Trade of Blades: Warriors Academy, where he teaches the art of “Staggering Sword”, a technique he created and mastered during his life as an adventurer.

Niet Spotty Booba

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