Eldan Tuxx


The wise but whimsical Priest of Pelor, Eldan Tuxx is a bit of a pleasant oddity.
Seeming at times too random to be a Cleric in the service of the sun god, and at the same time too disciplined to be a Kender, there is never a dull moment in Eldan’s company.


Eldan traveled with Niet Booba and played a major role in his quest, offering both spiritual guidance and comedic relief when the time was right for either.
It was all too great a shame that the injury that would deny him use of his legs and cut his adventuring career short was caused by one of his fellow adventures.
Retaliation for a prank that Eldan devised.
In the grand scheme of things he seems to take it well, floating about his home on a flying carpet that was a gift from the Brown Wizard.
He now calls Waterdeep home, and has turned his focus from adventure to his new passion, unifying Waterdeep and Undercity into a single political unit. Though he has made little progress other than to get on quite a few of the city officials’ nerves.

Eldan Tuxx

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