Physical Description

Dartmoor is pretty average looking as far as dwarven race goes, save the shaved head, short beard that borders on three day growth and a number of scars across his body that have never quite healed.


Dartmoor wears scale armor that was custom fit by his dwarven masters. On the left side of his breast is a rune that represents destruction, on the right, a rune of protection. Outside of combat, these runes are barely noticeable. However, when Dartmoor enters a fray, one or the other glows brightly. Dartmoor’s mace, which he swings quite accurately, appears to be a regular mace.


As different as the runes Dartmoor commands, so is the manner in which he behaves. He can be outgoing and jovial one moment, then suddenly turn ferocious and heartless the next. Dartmoor is known to be volatile, though with comrades he implicitly trusts, his mood swings tend to be more stable.

Dartmoor loves to be in the thick of combat, and will almost always follow those if it looks like there might be a fight, particularly so if injustice is involved.


Dartmoor was born to the wealthy Klaus family in the dwarven city of Ironhaus. Early on, he learned to translate runes, and was then entered into school at the Temple of Pelor, where he excelled at reading, translating and crafting runes. His studies in other subjects were average at best. Despite this, Dartmoor was sent to become the apprentice to the Runepriest High Chancellor, to complete training that Dartmoor would one day, take that position. It was unknown, however, that the High Priests had started to become corrupted to the will of Nerull. By the time this corruption had been realized, it was too late to save the High Priests and the individuals that followed them. Civil war within Ironhaus broke out, the city was taken by Nerull’s subjects. Those who remained loyal to Pelor either fled or was killed.

Dartmoor wandered the mountainside, angry and alone. As the weeks passed, his anger subsided and gave way to feelings of hopelessness. Hours upon hours of prayer to Pelor, he then decided to travel to the city of Lakeside to recruit anyone who would help him take back his home. There was very little positive feedback, as the defenses of Ironhaus were legendary, this was the first time in recorded history the dwarven city was overrun. Clinging to hope, and many pints of dwarven fire ale, he finally managed across a group of adventurers in Lakeside’s Adventurer Guild. The others were not so sure about taking back Ironhaus, but with the promise of battle, Dartmoor followed with hopes of confronting Nerull himself.


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