Our heroes mysterious benefactor.


Known to most simply as the Brown Wizard, this enigmatic character seems to arrive out of nowhere and disappear without a trace.
He is rumored to possess great power though he rarely displays anything more than prestidigitation.
Regardless, he also has a good reputation for keeping his end of the bargain.


Rumored to have fought to slay the fiend red dragon Severnius nearly a century ago along side famed warrior Garus “Dragonslayer” Fredrikson, the talented songwriter Willum Crane, High Priest Josieth Sanvorn, the nimble and deadly Sheena Surestep, world famous tent maker Omar Budahattah, and Cump Sho the “Fist of Fabul”.

Rumored to have funded the exploits of folk hero Niet Spotty Booba and company over 30 years ago in their campaign against the dark baron Adler Cossack, lord of vampires.

And rumored to be assisting our heroes in their quest to uncover and thwart the plans of the Cult of Red Flame.


The Red Flame thekhaos