The Red Flame

Log Entry 1

>The 5th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Our heroes met at the old windmill outside of Neverwinter just before the stroke of midnight.
Introductions were made, and shortly there after, their host arrived.

>The 6th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Clad in Brown robes with a cowl that covered most of his face save for the great gray beard that hung past his chest, he made our heroes a tempting offer.
Six keys were placed on the table, each key opening a vault in the Bank of Neverwinter.
This was to be their reward, though few details were offered to speculate the vault’s contents.

They were requested to travel down the hill to the valley below the windmill and to exterminate the members of the Cult of the Red Flame that were dwelling there.
They agreed to do so.
Keys in hand they ventured down the hill to the small ranch house where the Cult was said to dwell. They made short work of the forces left outside to guard the house by campfire, but were then ambushed as they attempted to enter the building.
The Red Flame Sorcerer, his bodyguards, and undead minions met their end at the hands of our heroes.
In the aftermath of battle, they per-chanced to see a trap door hidden under the table in the central room of the house.
Do our heroes have the guts to delve into the trap door to uncover further potential Red Flame secrets? Tune in next time for… “The Journey into the Deep Unknown”, or “The Keys to the City”.



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