The Red Flame

Log Entry 5

The 11th of Uktar, in the year 1479 DR,
Our heroes return to Eldan’s home to find Nighthawk laying on the porch, fast asleep bottle in hand. They wake him and present the robe they had found matching his description.
Nighthawk burned the robe right then and there in the streets and then stumbled off into the night. Offering no real explanation.
Eldan, Yonder, and The Brown Wizard awaited them inside. The heroes seemed thankful that Yonder was still alive and more so even when he could read the note they had found.
The note spoke of an unnamed item of great importance and orders for it to be brought to Calimport.
It was decided that this was our heroes next destination and the Brown Wizard agreed to arrange for them travel accommodations. They chose to travel by boat.
During their journey they were ambushed in the night by what appeared to be a lone pirate. He wielded magic that froze the water around the ship keeping it anchored in place. He demanded gold from our heroes and the ship’s patrons or he would attack.
Through the use of illusion, Boskan was able to trick the pirate into letting them go. As they sailed away our heroes launched an attack of their own, sinking the pirate’s rowboat and plunging him into the cold ocean waters. They heard him shout at them in anger as the ship sailed on.

The 30th of Uktar, in the year 1479 DR,
Our heroes arrive safely in Calimport and begin there search within a local temple garden.
The tranquility in the garden however is disturbed as our heroes found themselves surrounded by a pack fearsome gnolls! The gnolls attack without warning.
Our brave heroes emerge the victor after a grueling battle.
Why did the gnolls attack? And will our heroes find the man they seek in this foreign and dangerous land.
Join us next time in “Gnoll Skin Rug by the Fire” , or “Killer Beach Party”.



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