The Red Flame

Log Entry 4

The 11th of Uktar, in the year 1479 DR,
Our heroes emerge from the depths to find themselves back on the surprisingly snow filled streets of Waterdeep.
They learn quickly that they have somehow been gone a month to the day.
The trail leading to the Red Flame has gone cold, the search will have to be taken in another direction.
They learn that the sphinx they encountered is most likely Moatiliatta. They are urged to avoid her if they can.
Their search leads our heroes to the Blushing Mermaid Brothel and Tavern where they meet a man that calls himself Nighthawk, just as Eldan had suggested.
After a round of drinks he points them in the direction of an abandoned section of town and a specific building. He asked they find for him if possible, wizards robes within the building, pink in color.
After scouting and under the cover of nightfall our heroes approach the location. There outside the crumbling building they met “Blue” Yonder Meanington, a quite eccentric wizard.
Though at first they wanted nothing to do with the crazy old man, they were happy to have him there after the door to the building was opened.
A great demon stood before them on a grand staircase within the main hall. Blue and the demon clashed and both disappeared in a mighty blaze.
Lesser demons attacked our heroes in the wake of the battle. Our heroes were victorious but suffered the loss of 2 of their comrades.
They found the robes locked in a chest and the remains of a demon, mangled and skinned, clutching a letter penned in a language they could not determine.
Was it a clue? And if not, then what next?
Join our heroes next time for, “Wild Blue Yonder”, or “Today I prepared explosive runes.”



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