The Red Flame

Log Entry 3

The 11th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Our heroes continue to beat back the dragon and his forces until they are victorious.
However, the victory is short lived. Shortly after the battle they notice a strange energy swirling about the chamber, flecks of gold dancing in the air around them.
The energy whisks them away to some unknown location. They find themselves trapped within some form of bubble. The dragon is on the floor just outside the sphere, battered and bruised, but breathing.
From the distance a great Sphinx approaches.
She places one paw on the dragon’s head, and with the other tears it’s body asunder like a wet paper bag. She then turns attention to the heroes, a queer smile on her face.
After brief banter without introduction she whisks the heroes away once more. This time to some location assumed to be further underground. A series of riddles and traps await the heroes until they finally come to a large empty chamber. Portions of the chambers floor rise up above to create several platforms, and on the far wall several recesses are set in the wall. Each recess is designed to hold something, it seems.
Skeleton warriors attack! Each bearing a small gemstone in one eye socket.
After a long battle our heroes find themselves the victors once more. Gemstones in hand, what could be in store for the party now…?
Join us next time for “Whisk me away once more”, or “I saw a ruby, the size of a tangerine…”



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