The Red Flame

Log Entry 2

The 6th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Our heroes slowly ventured into the secret hatch and descended downward into the darkness. They came to a locked door at the bottom of the stairs and were able to pick the lock in moments.
Inside, however, an ambush awaited them.
In the chamber, orcs of the Red Flame attacked our heroes with steel and fire, while zombies and the reanimated corpse of a beholder attempted to feast on their flesh!
In the end our heroes triumphed. After the battle they burned the dead bodies of their fallen foes and the propaganda they found inside the house. They then returned to Neverwinter for much needed rest.
Later that day our heroes met up at the Bank of Neverwinter and claimed their reward from “B”, along with an invitation to meet him at a local tavern.
Upon meeting him he provided for them a huge feast and requested they travel to Waterdeep to meet and old friend of his, Eldan Tuxx.
They would set out in the morning.

The 7th through the 10th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Arriving safely in Waterdeep, our heroes sought out Eldan right away.
They agree to assist Eldan in dealing with a group that refer to themselves as the “Cartel” as far as he knows. The group has been attacking his couriers to Undercity as of late.
Posing as couriers themselves, our heroes venture into the Underdark to see if they can confront the Cartel, a task that poses little challenge as they find that those they seek are waiting for them.
Harsh words are exchanged and they engage in battle with the dragon led Cartel…
Will our heroes be victorious?
Join us next time for “You shall not pass”, or “You may take our package but you’ll never take our freedom”.



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