The Red Flame

Log Entry 5

The 11th of Uktar, in the year 1479 DR,
Our heroes return to Eldan’s home to find Nighthawk laying on the porch, fast asleep bottle in hand. They wake him and present the robe they had found matching his description.
Nighthawk burned the robe right then and there in the streets and then stumbled off into the night. Offering no real explanation.
Eldan, Yonder, and The Brown Wizard awaited them inside. The heroes seemed thankful that Yonder was still alive and more so even when he could read the note they had found.
The note spoke of an unnamed item of great importance and orders for it to be brought to Calimport.
It was decided that this was our heroes next destination and the Brown Wizard agreed to arrange for them travel accommodations. They chose to travel by boat.
During their journey they were ambushed in the night by what appeared to be a lone pirate. He wielded magic that froze the water around the ship keeping it anchored in place. He demanded gold from our heroes and the ship’s patrons or he would attack.
Through the use of illusion, Boskan was able to trick the pirate into letting them go. As they sailed away our heroes launched an attack of their own, sinking the pirate’s rowboat and plunging him into the cold ocean waters. They heard him shout at them in anger as the ship sailed on.

The 30th of Uktar, in the year 1479 DR,
Our heroes arrive safely in Calimport and begin there search within a local temple garden.
The tranquility in the garden however is disturbed as our heroes found themselves surrounded by a pack fearsome gnolls! The gnolls attack without warning.
Our brave heroes emerge the victor after a grueling battle.
Why did the gnolls attack? And will our heroes find the man they seek in this foreign and dangerous land.
Join us next time in “Gnoll Skin Rug by the Fire” , or “Killer Beach Party”.

Log Entry 4

The 11th of Uktar, in the year 1479 DR,
Our heroes emerge from the depths to find themselves back on the surprisingly snow filled streets of Waterdeep.
They learn quickly that they have somehow been gone a month to the day.
The trail leading to the Red Flame has gone cold, the search will have to be taken in another direction.
They learn that the sphinx they encountered is most likely Moatiliatta. They are urged to avoid her if they can.
Their search leads our heroes to the Blushing Mermaid Brothel and Tavern where they meet a man that calls himself Nighthawk, just as Eldan had suggested.
After a round of drinks he points them in the direction of an abandoned section of town and a specific building. He asked they find for him if possible, wizards robes within the building, pink in color.
After scouting and under the cover of nightfall our heroes approach the location. There outside the crumbling building they met “Blue” Yonder Meanington, a quite eccentric wizard.
Though at first they wanted nothing to do with the crazy old man, they were happy to have him there after the door to the building was opened.
A great demon stood before them on a grand staircase within the main hall. Blue and the demon clashed and both disappeared in a mighty blaze.
Lesser demons attacked our heroes in the wake of the battle. Our heroes were victorious but suffered the loss of 2 of their comrades.
They found the robes locked in a chest and the remains of a demon, mangled and skinned, clutching a letter penned in a language they could not determine.
Was it a clue? And if not, then what next?
Join our heroes next time for, “Wild Blue Yonder”, or “Today I prepared explosive runes.”

Log Entry 3

The 11th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Our heroes continue to beat back the dragon and his forces until they are victorious.
However, the victory is short lived. Shortly after the battle they notice a strange energy swirling about the chamber, flecks of gold dancing in the air around them.
The energy whisks them away to some unknown location. They find themselves trapped within some form of bubble. The dragon is on the floor just outside the sphere, battered and bruised, but breathing.
From the distance a great Sphinx approaches.
She places one paw on the dragon’s head, and with the other tears it’s body asunder like a wet paper bag. She then turns attention to the heroes, a queer smile on her face.
After brief banter without introduction she whisks the heroes away once more. This time to some location assumed to be further underground. A series of riddles and traps await the heroes until they finally come to a large empty chamber. Portions of the chambers floor rise up above to create several platforms, and on the far wall several recesses are set in the wall. Each recess is designed to hold something, it seems.
Skeleton warriors attack! Each bearing a small gemstone in one eye socket.
After a long battle our heroes find themselves the victors once more. Gemstones in hand, what could be in store for the party now…?
Join us next time for “Whisk me away once more”, or “I saw a ruby, the size of a tangerine…”

Log Entry 2

The 6th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Our heroes slowly ventured into the secret hatch and descended downward into the darkness. They came to a locked door at the bottom of the stairs and were able to pick the lock in moments.
Inside, however, an ambush awaited them.
In the chamber, orcs of the Red Flame attacked our heroes with steel and fire, while zombies and the reanimated corpse of a beholder attempted to feast on their flesh!
In the end our heroes triumphed. After the battle they burned the dead bodies of their fallen foes and the propaganda they found inside the house. They then returned to Neverwinter for much needed rest.
Later that day our heroes met up at the Bank of Neverwinter and claimed their reward from “B”, along with an invitation to meet him at a local tavern.
Upon meeting him he provided for them a huge feast and requested they travel to Waterdeep to meet and old friend of his, Eldan Tuxx.
They would set out in the morning.

The 7th through the 10th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Arriving safely in Waterdeep, our heroes sought out Eldan right away.
They agree to assist Eldan in dealing with a group that refer to themselves as the “Cartel” as far as he knows. The group has been attacking his couriers to Undercity as of late.
Posing as couriers themselves, our heroes venture into the Underdark to see if they can confront the Cartel, a task that poses little challenge as they find that those they seek are waiting for them.
Harsh words are exchanged and they engage in battle with the dragon led Cartel…
Will our heroes be victorious?
Join us next time for “You shall not pass”, or “You may take our package but you’ll never take our freedom”.

Log Entry 1

>The 5th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Our heroes met at the old windmill outside of Neverwinter just before the stroke of midnight.
Introductions were made, and shortly there after, their host arrived.

>The 6th of Marpenoth, in the year 1479 DR
Clad in Brown robes with a cowl that covered most of his face save for the great gray beard that hung past his chest, he made our heroes a tempting offer.
Six keys were placed on the table, each key opening a vault in the Bank of Neverwinter.
This was to be their reward, though few details were offered to speculate the vault’s contents.

They were requested to travel down the hill to the valley below the windmill and to exterminate the members of the Cult of the Red Flame that were dwelling there.
They agreed to do so.
Keys in hand they ventured down the hill to the small ranch house where the Cult was said to dwell. They made short work of the forces left outside to guard the house by campfire, but were then ambushed as they attempted to enter the building.
The Red Flame Sorcerer, his bodyguards, and undead minions met their end at the hands of our heroes.
In the aftermath of battle, they per-chanced to see a trap door hidden under the table in the central room of the house.
Do our heroes have the guts to delve into the trap door to uncover further potential Red Flame secrets? Tune in next time for… “The Journey into the Deep Unknown”, or “The Keys to the City”.


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